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Hem Away Seats

Unlike most toilet seats we’ve featured, this seat isn't to be used during the particular function of using the restroom, but rather for afterward. No seat goes to form having a movement with hemorrhoids any better; this seat helps with the natural retraction of hemorrhoids after bowel movements. Sitting on it after having a bowel movement helps with natural alignment, applying pressure where needed, and allowing release where necessary, allowing the hemorrhoids to naturally retract.

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Buy HemAway toilet seat adapter

HemAway toilet seat adapter comprising: a seat substantially shaped like a toilet seat having an open center portion, said open center portion being defined by at least a right portion, a left portion and back portion connected together as one unit; a pressure applicator positioned in the said open center portion of said seat and in contact with at least two of said side portions, a hard surface protruding from one of the said side portions to define a narrower point in the said open center portion between the pressure applicator and said hard surface, wherein hemorrhoid can be positioned therein and the surfaces surrounding said narrowed point configured to support and apply pressure to the area surrounding said hemorrhoids.

The HemAway adapter is universal, should be placed on the existing toilet seat. It is used during the emptying of the bowels. The HemAway adapter is directly placed on the toilet adapter, with the protruding parts facing down which prevent the excessive movement of the adapter and sinking into the bowl. The logo sign should be behind your back. It should be sat on slowly, after which the bowels are normally emptied. After use, the HemAway adapter can be put away.

The HemAway adapter is a long-standing, proven, and proven device that relieves and eliminates hemorrhoid problems and does not require you to use medicines and creams. You certainly know that the greatest hardship and anguish arise when you need to discharge. Sitting on a toilet cup causes skin tightening, popping and cracking of the vein, and the appearance of hemorrhoids, which usually leads to painful and uncomfortable bleeding. Thanks to its innovative shape and narrowing aperture, the Anti-Hemorrhoid saddle prevents the tightening of the vein and as a result naturally regulates bowel emptying without the accompanying painful effects caused by the hemorrhoids, gradually reducing and eliminating the pain and over time the hemorrhoids themselves.

Hemorrhoid sitting

Hemorrhoids create because of an expansion in pressure in the lower stomach zone. Enduring the hour of defecation, pregnancy, corpulence, incendiary entrail ailment, and delayed sitting can expand one's danger of having hemorrhoids. Certain occupations can build your danger of hemorrhoids.